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BSN Sports and Under Armour

Frostburg Bobcat Volleyball Club is sponsored by Under Armour (UA) and works with BSN SPORTS for all gear and equipment orders. Athletes representing FBVC on a travel team will be required to wear all UA gear when stepping on the court (knee pads, jersey, spandex). The club will issue 2 UA Uniforms and 1 pair of spandex.  


FBVC will host a minimum of two team stores in a 12-month calendar year. The Team store will include sneakers, other team apparel, and non- UA branded items. This will provide the opportunity for all athletes to purchase nessesary items to compete with the FBVC.


Under Armour and BSN SPORTS have provided FBVC and their members discounts to purchase products in addition to the required player pack items.

Discounts Include:

Under Armour Team Apparel

Under Armour Footwear

BSN Products 

BSN Catalog Branded Products

Members of the FBVC are encouraged to purchase all items through the team store however should a member need to purchase items outside of team store dates, you can connect with BSN SPORTS directly.


Contact BSN

Mike Criscuoli

Sales Pro

Cell: 301-802-7114


Twitter: BSN SPORTS MD Twitter


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