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Operating Procedures

Operating Procedures

Frostburg Bobcat Volleyball Club “FBVC” operates with 3 managerial positions 2 Directors (President/Treasurer) and a secretary and then a board of  individuals that represent each travel volleyball team. We use a private Facebook page, email, and additional platforms to communicate with those that want to participate in our training opportunities and Travel teams. 

The Directors are responsible for but not limited to the below items:

  • Creating and presenting operating budget each season.

  • Paying all required bills.

  • Purchasing of equipment (Jerseys, Volleyballs, First Aid Kits, etc.)

  • Develop practice and playing schedules.

  • Locate, and pay gym facilities for practice.

  • Schedule travel tournaments.

  • Hire and develop coaching staff.

  • Any other duties that present themselves.

Once decisions are made the Directors present items to the Board to vote. From there information is released to the members of the club.

Board Members are responsible for:

  • Represent their team age group at board meetings and share team concerns and feedback.

  • Communicate board meeting decisions with respective teams.

  • Manage team store and gear purchases.

  • Negotiate and Book housing for all travel tournaments.

  • Assist with any other duties asked by Directors (Fundraising, Donation request)

The board meets once a month virtually or in person during regular season (Nov – May). They discuss the needs of the FBVC and how the FBVC can continue to evolve.

Meeting minutes are submitted via email to everyone on the board and can be distributed to any person of the club upon request.

Financial Commitment and Refunds

Any athlete that travels and competes with the FBVC will need to be registered with AAU under the extended coverage plan. 


All payments should be made out to Frostburg Bobcat Volleyball Club. Payments are due by the due dates listed on the payment contract. If payments are not received within 10 days of due date (without prior communication) the player will not be allowed to participate in practices and/or tournaments until the account is brought current.


A returned check fee of $50 will be charged for any returned check.

The decision to attend an additional tournament outside those already scheduled for a team is the decision of FBVC and the financial cost will be distributed equally to all members of the team attending. Teams seeking to attend additional tournaments, i.e., qualifiers, or AAU Nationals must meet with the Club Directors for approval.

FBVC will accept Checks/Money Order (made payable to Frostburg Bobcat Volleyball Club) or online payments through WIX, or VENMO online invoicing.

Mailing address to send payment:
Frostburg Bobcat Volleyball Club
131 Washington Street
Frostburg MD 21532

Payment plans will be available. If a need arises, and special payment arrangements become necessary, FBVC will do everything possible to assist in such arrangements. If a special payment arrangement is needed, please send a request, in writing, to the Club Director explaining the specific installment amounts and dates of payments desired. The Club Director will send a written response with an addendum to be signed by the applicant if such payment structure request is approved.


FBVC’s cost structure is NOT variable. This means that even though a player chooses to no longer participate, the operation costs do not decrease: The coach receives the same salary, the facility rental fees stay the same and the team’s tournament entry fees do not decrease. Therefore, there are NO REFUNDS. Refunds will not be given for players or guardians discharged from the club for disciplinary reasons.


Should for any reason the FBVC not be able to provide a travel season after payments have been received, the FBVC will do its best to issue a fair refund based on services provided and expenses already used. This would be the only exception to the refund clause.

Playing Time

Playing time is always a sensitive issue in team sports. The purpose of Frostburg Bobcat Volleyball Club’s playing time policy is to document and communicate the club-wide guidelines in advance to ensure that those who commit to the club understand what factors will be used to determine playing time over the course of the season.  Whereas "house"-level sports programs advocate “equal playing time”, our Club does not, rather “earned playing time."  However, the Club does believe that all players should receive equal training opportunities at practice. In volleyball, there are four (4) types of games – scrimmages, pool-play, playoffs/medal-brackets, and qualifiers. All players will receive some playing time during scrimmages and pool play at the discretion of the coach.  However, in playoffs/medal-brackets and playoffs or qualifiers, the factors below will be used to determine playing time:

1. Ability to execute during competition
2. Ability to perform specific skills needed or play specific position during competition
3. Performance in practice (including skills, attitude and dedication)

4. Attendance/level of commitment to the team

5. Overall contribution, in whatever capacity, to the success of the team

Athletic propensity dictates what position a person plays, her performance in practice dictates how and when she will be used in tournaments. Another factor that may influence court time is how she adds to or distracts from the team's performance as compared to a teammate who plays the same position.

During a tournament (i.e. game-day), coaches are constantly adjusting and evaluating line-ups, which means that some players will receive more court time than others.  Players are expected to understand and accept their role as defined by the coach, and concede that the collective performance of the collective team has priority – over the individual player.

Under no circumstances is it permissible for a parent or player to approach a coach during competition or at a tournament site to discuss playing time. Players and parents are required to wait 48 hours after a tournament before initiating any type of communication with a coach regarding playing time issues.  If a player is concerned or unclear about her role on the team, she should initiate a meeting with her coach to discuss the matter either before or after practice. 


Chain of Command

FBVC promotes healthy player/coach relationships. We feel it is important for players to be able to interact in a positive manner with their coaches. The club encourages our players to address grievances first before involving any guardian. This will help them find their voices on, and off, the court. Guardians are encouraged to support this character-building process, and should the guardian feel it is necessary to speak to a club representative they should follow the chain of command and reach out to their respective board member. They should NOT approach a coach or director.

* 1st Communication: Player and Coach

* 2nd Communication: Player, Parent and Coach (if 1st communication unresolved)

* 3rd Communication: Player, Parent, Coach and Club Director (if 1st and 2nd communications unresolved)

Most concerns are dealt with at the player/coach level. Only if a resolution cannot be reached does the communication move to the next level. It is up to the coach's discretion to address parent concerns which are not shared by the player. The Club asks parents not to circumvent the communication hierarchy established above.  Allow your daughter the opportunity for personal growth by handling the situation as independently as possible and appropriate for their respective age-group.  This also serves to strengthen her relationship and dialogue with her respective coach(es).

FBVC expects our players to make a commitment to their team for the season. We are aware that many of our athletes may also play other competitive sports during the club volleyball season. We believe that being a well-rounded athlete is vital to your development. However, any athlete that chooses to play in a school or other club sport during our club season are expected to discuss and determine the following factors:

  • Identify which sport has priority when there is a conflict.

  • Assess how their other extracurricular activities will affect their contribution to the team as a whole and how it may affect their playing time.

All athletes must disclose intended extracurricular activities to the coaches during the selection process and prove that their club volleyball team will be a high priority. The coach/director will then have discretion as to whether or not to accept the multi-sport athlete onto their roster.

Multiple Sport Athlete

Travel Policy

Travel will be a standard aspect of our season whether it be regionally or out of state. Understanding the travel guidelines will ensure the athletes safety and that the competitive experience is fun and enjoyable.

             Team Travel
                  Travel occurs and the FBVC does coordinate and/or arrange for travel (outside of 2 hours, or large markets).


Athletes, and/or their guardians (for minors) are responsible for making all their own transportation arrangements. In these instances, it is the responsibility of the athlete and/or their guardians to ensure the person transporting the athlete maintains all safety and legal requirements, including, but not limited to, a valid driver’s license, proper insurance, well maintained vehicle, and compliance with all state laws. To minimize one-on-one interactions, the FBVC staff members, and coaches will travel together. In any case where a staff member and/or volunteer is involved in an athlete’s travel, a parental release should be obtained in advance. Efforts must be made to ensure that staff and/or volunteers are not alone with an athlete or participant, by, e.g., picking the athletes up in groups.

Travel Policy - Stay to Play

Travel teams will be competing against many of the top clubs in the country, this will provide athletes with a super competitive atmosphere. Most competitive events for travel teams involve travel outside of Maryland. The actual tournament schedule and location of events varies each year but is determined in advance of the season. Travel costs are in addition to the required club fee and player pack options. We recommend that before you commit to any FBVC team that you ensure you can commit not only the time but financial requirement as well.


Stay-to- Play tournaments are normal during our travel season. Stay to Play means in order for the FBVC to participate any hotels must be booked through a specific travel agent or specific hotels with rates already negotiated. The elected board members will present hotel options to each team. At stay to play tournaments you will be required to stay at the selected hotel and may be asked to submit a final receipt. For any tournament that does not have a stay to play in place the elected board members will work with their team individually to ensure a hotel option is provided for those that want to take advantage of a group discount. 

Insurance Coverage

It is the responsibility of the athlete’s guardian to ensure that their athlete is covered by medical insurance. Volleyball is like any other sport - the risk of accidental injuries is inherent. These risks include, but are not limited to, the potential for injury, accidents or illness while traveling to and from competition sites, while participating in the various program activities, and while playing volleyball. We attempt to minimize the existing risks through use of proper sports equipment, proper facilities, and sound safety practices.

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