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Tournament Schedule 

1/28-1/29     Happy Valley Rally (State College, PA) ALL TEAMS
2/4-2/5        Steel City (Pittsburgh, PA) 13Red, 14U, 15U, 16U, 17U, 18U
2/18-2/19     AAU Coast to Coast Grand Prix (Hampton Road, VA)ALL TEAMS
2/25-2/26    York Blue Ribbon Brawl (York, PA) 13 Black 
3/4-3/5        AAU Grand Prix (Inwood, WV) ALL TEAMS
3/18-3/19     Beetle Bash (West Chester, PA) ALL TEAMS
4/15-4/16     OVA Country Roads Classic (Wheeling, WV) ALL TEAMS

Payment Details

$900 Club Fees
This does not include additional costs of hotels, food, transportation. Club fees include 2 UA uniform tops, 1 pair of UA spandex, coaches salary, tournament fees, facility costs, and equipment. 

2023 Payment Schedule
$150 Deposit & Acceptance 11/26/2022
$150 2nd Payment 12/18/2022
$200 3rd Payment 1/15/2023
$200 4th Payment 2/12/2023
$200 5th Payment 3/12/2023


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